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Crimson Hexagon Gets Access to Tumblr Firehose

Tumblr has named Crimson Hexagon a preferred analytics partner and awarded it real-time access to all public activity on the network, a development that has execs at the social media analytics company celebrating. “We are a Twitter partner and now Tumblr, so it’s an important development for us to have full access to that data and derive insights for our customers,” said Crimson Hexagon SVP of Product Errol Apostolopoulos.

Crimson Hexagon users will gain two advantages from the new relationship, Apostolopoulos says. They’ll be able to better align content with their audiences and deliver it on Tumblr at the right time. “But it will also teach them the best ways to engage,” he says. “It will show them how to speak in Tumblr.”

Crimson Hexagon will be able to tap into Tumblr data to identify brand mentions and appearances of logos, measure conversation volumes, and analyze sentiment drivers.

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