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Customer reviews were already part of Supershoes.com’s e-commerce DNA, but the online retailer and subsidiary of Vision Retailing Inc. wanted to build on that with the goal of increasing product page views per visit.


Mimicking the interactivity found on social sites, the merchant added “Love It,” “Hate It,” “Tag It” and “Share It” buttons to product pages in May. This content is shared with site visitors through a “Recent Activity” section on product pages that charts the number of people who have “loved,” “hated” or “shared” the same style.

“Every interaction becomes a data point,” says Frank Malsbenden, VP, general manager of Supershoes.com. “You can take the data points and aggregate them and create ways to present them on the site that are live, fun and encourage product page visits.” The team encouraged adoption of the new features through contests and giveaways on social networks including Facebook and Twitter.


Product page views per visit have increased 56%, conversion rate is up 37% and customer interactions on product pages have risen 128%. The company will expand the concept to its other online properties, including Shoeline.com and AddingtonFalls.com.
—Carol Krol



In an effort to reach women ages 25 to 54 in a more informative way than banner advertising, Rubbermaid sponsored a promotion with Leanne Ely, the founder of Big Tent community SavingDinner.com. The blogger made over her own kitchen using Rubbermaid products for 10 days, posting before-and-after shots to the Web. The effort began in mid-September.


Rubbermaid estimated that 950 coupons were downloaded and promotion coupon page views reached 9,150. Social networking site users linked to the makeover blog more than 2,500 times.
—Frank Washkuch



Online photo book publisher Inkubook began using ExactTarget for e-mail at its inception in July 2008 to build relationships with customers. Monthly newsletters are sent to a list of 50,000 subscribers worldwide featuring seasonal offers and links to the brand’s Facebook and Twitter pages so recipients can share the offers. Activity-based e-mails remind users to finish photobook projects that haven’t been completed yet.


E-mail marketing drove more than 60% of Inkubook’s first-year revenue, with re-engagement e-mails accounting for 20% of the revenue.
—Kevin McKeefery


Julie Petroski
VP, group creative director, Targetbase

If your momma needs a new pair of shoes, Supershoes.com seems like a straightforward footwear shopping experience. But that’s not the best part. Like Amazon.com, Target.com and many others, it’s got a rating system, but it also has shoe videos, ways to see recent activity and share the pairs you like best. It’s easy to use and lots of white space in this stripped down site lets the shoes remain front and center. Plus, lots of my mom’s favorite brands are represented so I think I’ll send her the URL.

There are a lot of make-your-own-book sites out there, but this e-mail from Inkubook.com looks like you’d have a good time putting your masterpiece together there. There’s not a lot to read but the fall themed copy is cute and stays football-focused throughout. The personalized code is a nice touch and may make registered customers feel like they got something (free ground shipping) for giving up their e-mail addresses.

I’m a self-confessed organization freak, so I was interested in Rubbermaid’s partnership with Leanne Ely. The before and after snapshots and the Twitter feed make the “blog” seem more authentic, but the copy’s enthusiasm nearly ventures into marketing-speak. I like organized silverware (and Rubbermaid products) more than most people, yet this doesn’t feel genuine to me. However, maybe Leanne’s fans are OK with sponsorship activities like this one.

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