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Stationery and paper goods retailer turned to social shopping network Kaboodle when looking for an innovative and cost-effective way to reach consumers.

“We’re always looking for smart investments and ways to drive our traffic; we really liked the pay-for-performance model Kaboodle offered,” says Lindsay DiLorenzo, director of PR at


Relatively unknown on Kaboodle prior to the 2008 holiday, opted to participate in the social shopping network’s second annual Wish-a-Day Giveaway program. Kaboodle promoted as a participating retailer for the full duration of the promotion, which ran from November 14 to December 31. Any user who created a wish list on Kaboodle during the promotional period and added a product from a participating retailer was eligible to win a gift certificate from that retailer.

Kaboodle supported’s participation with prominent links, custom promotional units and ad units designed to build community awareness and drive engagement around the brand.


Compared with the period immediately preceding the campaign, saw a 10-fold increase in the number of conversions to from Kaboodle, with Kaboodle-driven sales increasing twenty times.—Kevin McKeefery 

Tourism Ireland

Facing the negative perception of lavish corporate travel budgets in a down economy, Tourism Ireland needed a way to stimulate new business and maintain its current bookings. The company, with agency partner Aspen Marketing, shipped direct mail packages to travel planners with Irish soda bread mix and a sweepstakes offer for personal tours of the Emerald Isle.

Fifteen percent of recipients visited the campaign micro- site and completed a survey. An additional 3% e-mailed and telephoned Tourism Ireland after receiving the packages.
—Cara Wood

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins


Medical trade publisher Lippincott Williams & Wilkins worked with e-commerce services firm MyBuys to add personalized product recommendations across customer touch points such as product detail pages and e-mails. With the latter showing the greatest impact, LWW recently expanded recommendations into highly read transactional e-mails, such as order confirmations.


Since adding personalized recommendations to transactional e-mails in June, these correspondences have had an 8% conversion rate. LWW’s online product recommendations convert at a rate of more than 4% and its non-transactional e-mail recommendations at 6.24%.
–Dianna Dilworth


Michael Ventura
Chief creative officer, Sub Rosa

Pretty straightforward creative and placement relegated to the standard media units on the right of the homepage left me looking haplessly for the Kaboodle/RedStamp effort’s uniqueness. While participation in this may have net out in a sales bump for RedStamp, as a case for creative impact, I’m left wanting a little more from the folks at Kaboodle. Simple test for generic creative: Could you remove the logo from this promo and put any other brand on there? Enough said.

If I’m a busy business executive with a lot going on, will a box from Tourism Ireland, filled with lengthy copy and a bag of Irish Soda Bread mix, effectively let me know that Ireland “delivers the right mix for success”? The promo item is remarkably off-base for the target. Also, why usurp your own message with a completely different one on the side panels? There’s probably a better chance of an executive using the bread mix as a paperweight than baking it and booking their next series of “ice breakers” in Ireland.

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