Creative solutions from Doritos, Club ABC Tours, Meg Whitman


For the launch of a new chip flavor, Doritos wanted to do more than increase sales: The snack distributor also wanted a way to engage a teen and 20-something audience with its brand message.

Doritos enlisted Proximity BBDO for creative and Stuzo Group as the digital producers for a campaign that ran from February to April. The snack brand asked consumers to “Become the Doritos guru” by submitting a TV spot and naming the new chip flavor. Doritos offered $25,000 and 1% of future consumer sales to the winning commercial and name.

The whole point of the campaign was “to let consumers take control of the brand a bit,” explains Gunter Pfau, CEO of the Stuzo Group. “By allowing consumers to enter and pass along the contest no matter whether they were on the microsite, Facebook or YouTube, helped further the viral nature that was so critical to making the campaign a success.”

Doritos’ sales doubled. The contest had 75,000 participants, 14.5 million page views, and 2.1 million video views. More than 900,000 consumers visited the Doritos Facebook page over the course of the two-month campaign.

—Cara Wood

Club ABC Tours

Club ABC Tours, a travel club providing tour packages for individuals and families, wanted to acquire new members and increase travel with current ones. It worked with Magjak on an integrated campaign, applying data mining to customize e-mail, direct mail and the Web site for high-value customers and prospects with content to match their interests.

The campaign launched in May. More than 100 new travelers, 150 new members and 100 new leads came to Club ABC as a result of the campaign.
—Nathan Golia

Meg Whitman

In February, when Meg Whitman wanted to jumpstart her 2010 campaign for Governor of California, she looked to the Tokoni Community Platform to create a custom social media community on The site allows users to form support groups, e-mail questions to Whitman and browse a 24/7 Whitman media channel. The platform is being promoted through radio ads, as well as social media sites like Facebook and YouTube.

There are currently more than 2,400 supporters registered on the site. —Mary Hurn


Pete Barry
Senior copywriter, Digitas Health

The “Become a Doritos guru” campaign asked the masses to create a new chip flavor and TV spot. It’s not the most original idea (even as a kid I would mail off my “new chip name” entry and hope for the best, rarely hearing anything about the eventual winner). The difference today is that this idea can be expanded, executed and broadcast with much greater impact. Clearly, the number of entries was impressive, even for such a well-known brand.

That said, the campaign name did confuse me a little — with the word “guru,” I was expecting something about chip experts. All in all, anything to inspire a bit of public creativity is surely a good thing. And the winning ad (for ‘Scream Cheese’ flavor) has a nice concept behind it, too, although a slicker reshoot would have given Doritos a much funnier spot.

The Web site for California Governor candidate Meg Whitman has all the content one would expect, and nothing particularly fresh about the look and feel, either. That said, I liked the Meg-a-Women category, which could certainly be expanded to other interest groups, e.g. Meg-a-Students. If there’s one place for catchy puns, it’s political campaigns (remember how Bush beat Kerry to the simple ‘flip-flop’ idea back in ’04?).

Whatever the budget for Club ABC Tours’ direct mail program was, the effectiveness of customized content is clear. I just wish they could have pushed the idea a bit further to match their simple strategy, especially for such an exciting product.

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