Creative campaigns from Twentieth Century Fox, PCH,

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment


Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment wanted to extend the reach of consumer engagement with its highest-ever grossing movie, Avatar.


Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment partnered with mobile services company Jagtag for an in-store mobile campaign promoting the studio’s Blue-ray and DVD release of Avatar.

Consumers at Best Buy and Kmart stores can scan a 2D barcode on Avatar product packaging and immediately see clips from the film. Best Buy shoppers can also scan a bar code from the store’s monthly in-store magazine.

“We have worked with Fox Home Entertainment on previous campaigns and they have been very progressive in the mobile space because it extends their communication to a broader audience,” says Ken Graffeo business development executive at Jagtag.

After scanning or, for non-smartphone users, taking a photo of the barcode, consumers can view a video, after which they can opt in to be part of an Avatar CRM campaign.


To date, thousands of consumers have opted in to be part of the extended campaign, with a total opt-in rate of 21%. The campaign is ongoing.
–Kevin McKeefery

Publishers Clearing House and 1-800-Flowers


Wishing to create a fun online game that would drive traffic to its site, Publishers Clearing House Online teamed up with to launch a 24-hour online Mahjongg tournament on April 28. To encourage participation, the two sponsors offered cash prizes of $1,000, $500 and $250 for the top three winners. sweetened the deal with a $39.99 bouquet for top scores. Developer Arkadium created the game.


On the day of the tournament, received more than 6,000 new site registrants and now averages 1,031 new registrants daily. The number of games played per visit increased 25%, too.

1-800-Flowers.comreported more than 6.5 million brand impressions.
–Nathan Golia

Approach wanted to extend the reach of its brand and further engage site visitors. The site launched a web series called SheKnows Homestretch in which two deserving moms were paired with an interior designer to redecorate on a $2,000 budget. Febreze sponsored the five-episode series.

Most of the campaign was created in-house at SheKnows, though Febreze agency MediaVest pitched in as well. SheKnows promoted the series through nine newsletters sent to its database.


The site incentivized the program by encouraging visitors to vote for their favorite makeover and offering a $500 prize toward their own redecoration.

So far, the webisode series page has received nearly 400,000 visits; the videos garnered twice that in plays for a total of 800,000.
–Kevin McKeefery

Private View
Dean Skinner, Group Creative Director, Rosetta

It’s good to see that the technology savviness of Avatar didn’t stop at the box office. Although I thought the overall design could have been more vibrant and colorful, I applaud them for effectively utilizing mobile with QR codes. This use of technology innovation is both appealing to the Avatar audience (particularly avid fans wanting additional and richer content) and continues to propel the Avatar brand as a technology visionary and pioneer. Very nicely done.

Wow, and I thought my daughter’s room had a lot of pastel colors and flowers. However, the PCH/1-800 Flowers “Mahjongg: Mom-Johngg Tournament” works for me on so many levels. The imagery is bright and cheerful (just like mom) and is perfect for the 1-800 brand and for this promotion. The name (LOVE the name) is memorable and fun and spot on with the gaming community. This, combined with some crystal clear calls to action makes this a winner in my book. I wish I would have played!

Some elements of the SheKnows HomeStretch campaign are good, specifically the entertaining use of video; social elements via Twitter and Facebook; voting and the breadth of content. Yet there really isn’t a ‘big’ idea here. It’s very similar to other home makeover programs (be it broadcast or webisodes). Also, the blatant product placement seems forced and frankly doesn’t work. Sorry.

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