Creative campaigns from Jameson Irish Whiskey, Message Labs and Paltalk

Jameson Irish Whiskey
Point-of-purchase effort has smooth finish

Jameson Irish Whiskey says it is always on the lookout for innovative ways to engage its core audience of young, ambitious and sociable consumers.

“Jameson prides itself on being in discovery mode with consumers, understanding their lifestyle and looking at how we can deliver a message in a relevant way,” says Frankie Pezzella, senior brand manager for Jameson Irish Whiskey, a Pernod Ricard brand.

Jameson teamed with Ecast for a campaign on its network of broadband-connected touchscreen music jukeboxes located in bars. The effort took place from mid-June to mid-July in Chicago, San Francisco, Houston and New York. Interactive ads for Jameson appeared once someone began browsing for music, with the goal of driving users to a branded microsite with cocktail suggestions and a survey. When no one was interacting with the touchscreens, they defaulted to a video ad for Jameson.

The campaign “really embodies what Jameson is about,” Pezzella says. “The message [has a strong impact] at the point of purchase in a very social environment.”

George Giatzis, SVP of advertising sales at Ecast, adds, “With Ecast, marketers can influence people right there in the location to try something.”

Ecast also allows marketers to gather information for their future efforts. For example, Jameson learned that in Houston, bargoers prefer to drink their Irish whiskey with cola; in New York, they want it on the rocks.

The click-through rate was 9%, with more than 4,700 launches of the site and more than 2,100 touches to Jame­son drink suggestions. Approximately 41% of those who clicked through intended to drink Jameson.
Chantal Todé

Message Labs
Online campaign secures qualified leads

Approach In December, UK-based IT security services provider MessageLabs part­nered with interactive ad agency Tocquigny to boost US sales leads and improve cost-per-lead efficiency. Key elements of the campaign included SEO and rich media on targeted sites. New podcasts, webinars, webcasts and e-books were added to MessageLabs’ site.

Results The cost per lead was cut by two-thirds after three months. –Mary Hurn

Many elect to view viral videos

Approach Paltalk, a video chat provider, wanted to drive traffic to its site after launching a new content initiative letting people interact with celebrities, athletes or politicians. A viral video campaign, launched in June, allowed consumers to send a video to friends that appeared to be a news channel, reporting that the receiver was running for president.

Results Paltalk has received 2 million site views since the launch. -Nathan Golia

Blake Ebel, Executive creative director, Euro RSCG

Jameson is running a very tactical-but-effective campaign on Ecast — though the creative is not what I would call inspired. More than anything, I like the media buy here. Putting a spirits ad in front of drinkers when they’re ordering is just plain smart. Who isn’t going to notice the brand while sitting at a bar and surfing for a favorite song or artist? I would have liked to have seen some more provocative rea­soning behind why Jameson should be the bargoer’s drink of choice, but overall this campaign is in the right place at the right time.

MessageLabs anti-spam software delivered a very flat and underwhelming campaign to tell IT managers that MessageLabs eliminates the amount of spam that reaches your company’s inboxes. Guess what the headline reads — that’s right, “Eliminate the amount of spam that reaches your company’s inboxes.” I was told this campaign was very effective. I thought IT folks had more personality than that.

Paltalk has launched a fun viral campaign to promote the power of its site. With the insane competition in the social Web world, this assignment could have been a tough nut to crack. But the idea made me smile: That Paltalk has so many members that if you promoted yourself on it’s site as a presidential candidate, you might actually have a shot at winning. I truly enjoyed the experience and could see the viral aspect of the campaign working extremely well. Kudos to the agency and the client.

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