Creative campaigns from Affinia Hotels, Kevin Beckner and William & Mary Mason School of Business

Affinia Hotels
Boutique chain touts customized room stays

After company research showed that one of Affinia Hotels’ main assets was its customizable experience, the boutique hotel chain, which has locations in New York, Chicago and Washington, DC, realized it needed a way to inform customers of this service.

“Our customers like us because we offer a residential feel; it doesn’t feel like a regular hotel,” says John Moser, chief marketing and brand officer for Affinia Hotels. “We knew emphasizing this would have legs for us.”

Affinia worked with New York-based agency Manhattan Marketing Ensemble to develop a multichannel campaign targeting frequent business travelers to the three cities where its hotels are located.

The campaign ran from May to June and involved some outdoor elements — ads were placed at New York’s Penn­sylvania Station. In addition, online advertising was geo-targeted to New York, Washington and Chicago. The total spend was $1.1 million.

The campaign drove consumers to the Web site, where they could customize their stay at an Affinia hotel with items like an acoustic guitar, golf putter and fitness kit.

“These are items that are waiting for a customer as soon as they get to their room,” Moser explains.

The campaign generated more than 125 million unique visitors to the Web site, which has a conversion rate of 2.7%. This translates to approximately 3,375 stays and $1.7 million in revenue at a per stay rate of $500. –Bryan Yurcan

Kevin Beckner
Facebook application gets voters’ attention

Approach: Democrat Kevin Beckner, a first-time candidate for Florida’s Hillsborough County Commission, wanted to drive younger voters to the primary. Rearden Killion Communications launched a Facebook campaign in early August. It included a fan page with videos, and an application that let users add a campaign button to their profiles.

Results: During the three-week effort, Beckner’s Facebook “fans” increased 50% and his videos garnered nearly 1,000 views. Beckner won the primary. –Mary Hurn

William & Mary Mason School of Business
Personal touch drives MBA enrollment

Approach: In the second half of 2007, agency Fitting Group helped the William & Mary Mason School of Business increase the number of applications it receives with an aspirational campaign incorporating online banner ads on business-focused Web sites, HTML e-mail, direct mail, airport advertising and print advertising.

Results: There was a 54% increase in full-time MBA prospects, and a 35% increase in full-time MBA enrollment. –Nathan Golia

Gail Duncan
Associate creative director, G2 Direct & Digital

how I want to stay at an Affinia hotel. They’ll customize my room with a “sound pillow” to connect to my iPod, a free fitness kit and even fresh-baked cupcakes. No matter what advertising medium I look at, I immediately get the point — they tailor hotel amenities to individual preferences. The creative is great: clean, beautiful layouts and pho­tography, contemporary look and casual, fun attitude. A quality cam­paign that exemplifies the character of the hotels.

Obama gets it, and so does Florida county commission candidate Kevin Beckner. I’m referring to using the Internet to promote his candi­dacy, target new markets, rally sup­porters and extend the reach of his message. Beckner’s viral Facebook campaign is smart, cost-efficient and very effective. He gets the ball rolling, and his new Facebook friends push it farther and farther. It’s so simple and so “now.”

To an MBA candidate, it’s all about me, me, me. The William & Mary MBA campaign addresses that self-interest with an emotional appeal, inviting students to begin a personal relationship with the college. The campaign is engaging, friendly and aspirational. After reading the stories, who wouldn’t want to tell his or her own story to admissions and develop in such a supportive environment? The tone of this campaign is just right, with consistent branding that is attrac­tive and professional.

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