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Court Halts Credit Marketer on Scam Allegations

The U.S. District Court in Chicago issued a restraining order against a company that offered “guaranteed” credit cards to consumers for an illegal advance fee, the Federal Trade Commission said last week.

Judge Joan Lefkow also froze the assets of 3R Bancorp, Long Beach, CA, and its related companies as a result of an FTC complaint.

The complaint alleges that 3R Bancorp called consumers in the United States offering pre-approved, low-interest Visa and MasterCard credit cards for an illegal fee of at least $149.

3R Bancorp failed to provide the promised cards and did not respond to refund requests, the FTC said. The company, operating from call centers in the United States, Canada and India, also failed to register for access to the national no-call list and called numerous consumers whose telephone numbers are on the list.

A phone number listed at 3R Bancorp’s Web site, e3r.net, was disconnected.

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