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Could 2015 Be Pinterest’s Year?

Pinterest’s user base will grow more than 11% this year to 47 million. That’s hardly an impressive number to companies looking to disseminate their content at scale, but a new report from eMarketer maintains that what the social network lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality.

“[Pinterest’s] growth may be more limited than other services, simply because what you do on Pinterest—find and pin things that you like—isn’t necessarily something that large numbers of people may want to do,” writes Debra Aho Williamson, principal social media analyst at the research company and author of Pinterest for Marketers: What You Need to Know.

But Williamson contends that Pinterest’s marketing premise may be right for the times: “In a year when marketers are starting to worry about dark social platforms where most conversations are private, there’s a polar opposite—Pinterest.”

More than a quarter of social network users in the U.S. visit Pinterest on a monthly basis, and that level will continue to rise until it reaches 30% in 2019. The user base is decidedly feminine. Of the 42 million current users, only 15% are male and, while more men are coming onstream, they will comprise only 20% in the next five years, according to eMarketer.

The report also points out that, while Pinterest falls strictly under social media in most marketing budgets, it is also used for search and could end up competing more directly with Google and Amazon rather than Facebook or Twitter. “Pinterest users are likely to be in a better frame of mind to receive advertising,” Williamson says.

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