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Costco newsletter mirrors in-store experience — but could be improved

I have a love/hate relationship with this e-mail. At first, I was blinded by all the products, fonts, logos and callouts. Then after my eyes adjusted, I realized what Costco is doing is in line with its brand.

The e-mail mirrors the experience of wandering around the store, in awe at the range of products and merchandise for low prices. I’ve gone into Costco on a mission to buy diapers, only to leave with a new flat-screen TV and two pounds of Alaskan king crab legs.

The patch­work formatting is well done with enough white space around each module to create visual separation. However, the typography treat­ment is a cacophony of style. I can easily browse based on my primordial urges for shiny objects. But, I wish it would feature products relevant to me, point me to the Web site and be done with it. Some­times, less really is more.

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