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Coremetrics analytics ready for Google Checkout

On-demand Web-analytics service Coremetrics has been enabled for Google Checkout.

Online retailers can now use a Coremetrics service for tracking and reporting sales for all payment and checkout methods, providing a consolidated view of online-revenue streams.

“We recognized a unique opportunity to deliver the most comprehensive marketing analytics by partnering with Google,” said John Squire, general manager of marketing services at Coremetrics, San Mateo, CA . “The development of Coremetrics Tracking for Google Checkout was made in response to both Google and Coremetrics customer requests and has resulted in a seamless analytics solution for tracking Google Checkout activity.”

The integration of the two offerings will benefit companies such as Sierra Trading Post, an online closeout retailer that uses the Coremetrics service.

The new offering is free to both Google Checkout and Coremetrics online-analytics customers.

“For marketers, it enables a complete picture of all checkout methods,” Mr. Squire said. “It provides online retailers with a consolidated view of online-revenue streams, including sales reporting for all payment and checkout methods. With a complete view of customer behavior from the marketing program through to the final checkout, marketers are able to precisely know how to best serve their longest-standing and newest customers.”

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