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Copywriting for better online retail SEO

The first generation of e-commerce was not dependent on personalization, wish lists, or dynamic merchandising to convert browsers. Rather, retailers did what catalogers had done for years – crafted descriptive product overviews. As a result, shoppers could picture the wide-eyed grin of a loved one receiving her gift or exactly how he would feel wearing the new shirt. It was the compelling words of the product description that created those vivid images.

As more online shoppers begin by searching Google, the words used in product names and descriptions become increasingly important. Meanwhile, in line with new modes of communication, product listings became more abbreviated. A strong product name contains searchable terms like ‘Nautica Dockside yellow cotton waterbed sheets’ versus just ‘Nautica Dockside.’ A solid description includes product attributes or utility- and function-based terms such as ‘queen size cold weather sheet set.’ Words that express how a shopper might feel are often ignored as well, like ‘sexy bedsheets.’

For example, a typical description of a sheet set may read as follows: ‘100 percent cotton, 300-thread count, cross-woven machine washable.’ However, the product will be much more findable, and will rank higher in organic searches, if the name and description contained the same language searchers are using.

The shopper would respond much better to this: ‘These winter white soft bedsheets will whisk you off to a comfortable dreamland every night. No other luxury bedding will make your bedroom as regal as the Queen Collection’s 300-thread count, 100 percent cotton sheet set. The only trouble with a luxurious, warm and comfortable set of sheets like this is having to get out of your dream bed each morning.’

As you see, these words are more persuasive and contain sets of phrases shoppers are actually looking for: white soft bedsheets, luxury bedding, cotton sheet set, comfortable set of sheets, dream bed.

People search similarly to how they speak. The content created should match closely to the content sought and, therefore, will rank toward the top of the search engine results page.

The next time products are being approved for publishing to your online store, stop and think about the most effective way to convey your message and communicate what you’re offering.

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