Cooking Light teams with boutique hotel chain

Cooking Light magazine has partnered with Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants in an effort to boost consumer engagement and awareness for both brands.

The partnership, which officially begins in January 2009, will offer Cooking Light subscribers discount rates at Kimpton Hotels. Kimpton will also collaborate with Cooking Light on creating menus and spa treatments for its guests, and the hotel chain will be the presenting sponsor for Cooking Light‘s 2009 Supper Club event series.

“Kimpton really embodies a lot of the priorities and missions that are compatible with Cooking Light,” said Chris Allen, SVP and publisher of Cooking Light. “Its visitors are skewed 50/50 male to female, but it is a hotel chain that I think really caters to professional and upscale women with healthy menus and customized spa services. It’s a very progressive hotel experience.”

Cooking Light readers are mostly women from age 30-50 who are interested in healthy eating, fitness and exercise. Nearly one-third are employed in professional or managerial positions. The magazine posted a rate base of 1.75 million as of the Spring 2008 MRI.

Promotions for the partnership will run on Cooking Light‘s site and in print. The magazine will also have access to Kimpton’s customer database for further marketing efforts. Other co-promotions are still in development.

Allen said the only Cooking Light partnership that compares to the Kimpton deal is its work with Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL). The NCL partnership, which has run for half a dozen years, offers a Cooking Light spa cruise each year and features Cooking Light recipes on other NCL cruises.

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