Content Marketing Company, Winner: Percolate

Percolate is an exceptional tool for streamlining and managing the creation of marketing assets. Many big global brands, including Unilever, GE, and MasterCard sing its praises.  

Unilever estimates that it saves $10 million annually on content production with 38 of its brands and their agencies using Percolate.

A GE representative noted that Percolate gives the company’s business teams more access to content and resources that benefit lead generation and help build a halo for brand.

MasterCard used Percolate to coordinate and execute its global “Hats off to Tom” campaign, which achieved outstanding results including social reach of 3 million+ and a 500% jump over the brand’s average social engagement rate.

“We seamlessly activated three regions and six markets, saving time, money, and delivering better engagement and a stronger brand,” said Jay Mandel, MasterCard’s VP of global digital marketing.  

Percolate’s recently revamped analytics platform also proved very helpful to MasterCard and its agencies during the campaign. New features include a visual report builder and interactive dashboards that give marketers insights into social and content marketing performance.

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