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Content Companies Merge and Get Funding to Expand


Two providers of content marketing software, Addvocate and Trapit, announced today they would merge and operate under the name Addvocate-Trapit. The companies also reported receiving $10 million in Series B funding from Rogers Venture Partners and Astro Digital, Southeast Asia’s largest broadcast company.

The merger brings together an “outside company” with and “inside company.” Trapit allows companies to set “traps” online for specified types of content and curate them. Addvocate’s chief feature is enabling and tracking employee-generated content, helping companies to present a united content front through many different sharers.

“Addvocate-Trapit introduces highly intelligent technology, going beyond just curation to meet all the requirements for content marketing, social selling, and advocacy,” said Trapit cofounder and CEO of the new company Gary Griffiths (above) in a press release.

In Nielsen’s latest Trust in Advertising report, recommendations from acquaintances were the most valued by consumers. Griffiths says the new company intends to help marketers exploit that fact by providing a safe and effective way for employees to share company content within their own personal networks.        

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