Consumers Think Data-Driven Ads Will Serve Them Better in Future

Some 58% of consumers said they expected marketers to have more personal data about them in the decade ahead, and 52% of them think the result will be improved targeting of certain segments, according to a Goo Technologies survey conducted by Harris Interactive.

The survey, which asked consumers what they thought would change in digital advertising over the next 10 years, augured a questionable future for the pop-up ad.  Nearly a third of respondents (30%) don’t expect the pesky device to survive–far more than thought banner ads would go away (18%).

The future looks promising, however, for  video, native, contextual, and mobile ads, whose negative rating percentages resided in the single digits. More than a quarter of those polled believed that video would overcome display ads as a marketing vehicle online.

Online users resoundingly said they expected marketers to open up their technology arsenals. More than a third of them envisioned more geo-location, 3-D graphics, and personal identification technologies like retina scans and fingerprinting. And take heart, marketers: 19% said they thought ads of the future would be more helpful to them.

SOURCE: eMarketer

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