Launches Credit Awareness Month Sweepstakes has debuted the Smart Credit Management Starts Here campaign featuring a month-long online sweepstakes that culminates in a $15,000 prepaid credit card for the winner. The campaign's aim is to increase consumer understanding of credit management issues and to take advantage of Credit Awareness Month.

To promote the campaign, and the company's credit management and report services, launched a Web site at The site features information to help consumers better understand the credit reporting process and how their credit rating can be influenced by their spending behavior.

“Your credit history not only influences whether you get a loan and how much interest you're charged, it also may be reviewed and evaluated by a host of influential organizations and individuals, including landlords, insurance companies and even employers,” said Ed Ojana, founder and president of

On the Web site the company is offering consumers one free credit report from Equifax for signing up for a 30-day trial of's credit check monitoring service.

At the site, consumers are asked to register with the site and to answer four credit-related questions.

“The sweepstakes is definitely an attention getter,” said Dianne Foletto, senior marketing manager at “We're using National Credit Awareness Month as a vehicle to make people aware of our services.”

In addition to the sweepstakes, the company plans to use limited e-mail marketing and banner advertisements. Foletto said the company tested the creative in late February and started sending out the e-mails March 4. E-mails went to a subset of's 4 million e-mail names. Foletto would not say how many e-mails went out or how the company segmented its list.

“E-mail is something that if people don't respond to right away, they won't at all,” Foletto said. “We're running banner ads on networks like DoubleClick, Ads360 and TMP.”

Foletto said will evaluate the sweepstakes and the e-mail campaign to see if it increases the company's name recognition. She said the company anticipates the sweepstakes will generate about 500,000 hits on its Web site during the month.

“It's a good test for us to see if we're out there enough,” she said. “And to generate more awareness for what we do.”

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