Consult the veterans

Mickey Alam Khan’s editorial on the passing of Bob Stone urges those with direct marketing talent “to step out of the shadows” and share our talent and experience. He kindly includes my name and my books as an example of those who have shared their ideas and knowledge, and I thank him for that.

In my case, and at least one of the other names on that list, there is another way we can contribute, and that is by continuing to provide consulting and creative services to today’s direct marketing companies.

I find that most of the executives who “knew me when” have retired, and that today heads of agencies and marketing companies – though they know my name and reputation – presume that I am no longer active, available or even alive. And others are not comfortable working with executives older than they are.

Speaking for myself and my fellow “gurus,” I urge direct marketers – who were among the first to overcome gender and ethnic bias in the advertising field – to now take the lead in ending the incredible waste of talent and creativity called “age discrimination.” In that way, those of us who, with Bob Stone, helped make direct marketing what it is today can contribute to its tomorrows

as well.

Edward Nash

TeamNash, Consultants

New York

[email protected]

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