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Construction at Century Square boosts local business

Century Construction
Century Construction

Despite ongoing construction at Century Square, local businesses are seeing a surge in customer visits. The construction, occurring near Texas A&M’s campus, seems to not only invite local curiosity but also increase foot traffic. As the area transforms, it seems the promise of an enhanced business district is doing more good than harm.

Century Square’s development, undergoing a second phase, includes a massive 31,000 square feet of construction. Plans also accommodate an extra 125 parking spaces, anticipating a rise in visitor numbers. A notable addition is the assembly plaza offering 5,000 square feet of space. It aims to not just enhance the existing green space but serve as a community hub for events and activities.

A broad range of new businesses, including New Orleans-influenced eateries and wellness studios, are joining the Century Square community. These businesses look forward to being part of the expanding hub, introducing fresh dining and shopping experiences and thus bolstering the local economy.

Century Square construction benefits local economy

Brian Piscacek, Assistant Director of Economic Development for College Station, expressed enthusiasm for the new public spaces, which will enhance community engagement. He suggested that these developments could encourage local events and gathering opportunities. The new spaces might also induce more business ventures, potentially providing a significant boost to the local economy.

Current Century Square businesses such as Juanita’s Tex Mex Cantina report increased customer visits thanks to the ongoing construction. General Manager Simon King shared that the dynamic atmosphere has positively affected their business. Rising pedestrians and thoroughfare are also increasing their exposure, leading to more walk-in customers.

According to Visit College Station, Century Square stands as the highest commercial property taxpayer in College Station. This contributes substantially to the region’s tax income, employment opportunities, and leisure services. The expected completion of Phase II later this year will likely attract more visitors, thereby boosting the city’s financial gains.

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