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Consignia to Consolidate Call Centers

Consignia, parent company of the United Kingdom's postal service, said it plans to consolidate 59 of its 70 customer service call centers in a move that will result in the layoff of 250 workers.

Eleven “supercenters” will be created to replace the closed call centers, Consignia said this week. Most of the 4,500 call center workers employed by Consignia will be retained, and most of those who work in call centers marked for closing will be offered transfers.

The call center consolidation is part of Consignia's three-year program to adjust to rising competition from private-sector shippers. Last month Consignia announced plans to cut 2,100 postal management jobs as part of the effort.

Consignia changed its name from The Post Office Group earlier this year after becoming a public company. It includes Royal Mail, Parcelforce Worldwide and the country's 18,000 post office branches.

Consignia call centers handle 1 million calls each month.

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