Condé Nast Restructures Latin American Operations Around Mexico, Folds Magazines

After pulling the plug on Architectural Digest en Espanol late last year, Condé Nast International will stop publishing Vogue en Espanol and Glamour en Espanol with their May issues in a restructuring of its Latin American publishing operation.

The company instead will distribute the Mexican editions of Vogue, Glamour and Architectural Digest. Vogue Mexico, Glamour Mexico and Architectural Digest Mexico will become the Latino representatives of their respective magazine brands.

“The product published out of Mexico will be distributed in the U.S., and the product out of Mexico — with some tailored and modified editorial specific to the country — will be used for some of the South American countries,” said Maurie Perl, chief communications officer at Condé Nast Publications, the New York parent of Condé Nast International.

Condé Nast International will maintain a small office in Miami, currently the base of Latin American operations.

“We're now making Mexico City the headquarters for both the Mexican as well as our Latin American operations,” Perl said.

The company, which publishes 100-plus titles worldwide, stressed Condé Nast International's commitment to the Latin American market. For example, Condé Nast International owns and operates its Mexican titles rather than publish them through partnerships or licenses like some rivals.

Condé Nast International chairman Jonathan Newhouse, in a written statement, shed more light on the strategy for Latin America.

“Condé Nast's worldwide strategy is built around country-based markets, such as Britain or Italy,” he said. “It makes sense to concentrate on Mexico, which is the largest Spanish-speaking country in Latin America and undergoing explosive growth. The U.S. Latino market is a well-noted phenomenon, but as an ethnic market within the larger U.S. market, it does not conform to our marketing strategy elsewhere. We want to focus on what we know best.”

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