Conan O’Brien is attempting to become LinkedIn’s #1 Influencer

LinkedIn’s Influencer program just received a huge boost, after late night talk show host Conan O’Brien announced his intention to  “conquer LinkedIn” and become its number one Influencer.

In the clip, O’Brien talks about how his digital presence was in great shape with millions of followers on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+ but then he revealed he has zero followers on LinkedIn. O’Brien admitted that he “didn’t know what LinkedIn is,” but decided it was the going to be the next social media platform he was going to conquer. He even co-opted LinkedIn’s logo by superimposing his trademark red hair over it.

O’Brien’s competition for the top Influencer spot include current number one Richard Branson, followed by Deepak Chopra and President Barack Obama. 

O’Brien created a LinkedIn profile, complete with (mostly) accurate information, with his title of “CEO at Cnan” and listing his past job, including his stint at Applebees. Under education, he wrote “Yes.”

Will LinkedIn answer Conan’s call to get on its Influencer program? In all honesty, he would be a great addition. The late-night comedian has always been candid about his professional struggles and craft, and as LinkedIn looks to branch out of its “corporate only” mould, Conan would be a great get, (if he actually takes it seriously.)

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