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Comparison-Shopping Search Sites Hit Japan, China

Mezi Media Inc.'s Smarter.com launched the first comparison-shopping search Web sites in Japan and China, two of the largest Internet markets by users outside of the United States.

The Los Angeles-based company will let Japanese consumers shop and compare products on www.smarter.co.jp in categories like fashion and apparel, baby and maternity, home and garden, food and drinks, pet supplies, sporting goods, musical instruments and consumer electronics and appliances. The retailers are Japanese.

Smarter.com's China site at www.smarter.com.cn will let consumers shop and compare computers, communications products and consumer electronics from selected leading domestic retailers.

The two sites were unveiled at ad:tech Shanghai Nov. 14-17 in Shanghai, China.

Mezi Media runs its flagship U.S. comparison-shopping site at www.smarter.com, its online coupons sites at www.couponmountain.com, www.waribikiya.com and www.dahongbao.com and its cash-back rewards site at www.morerebates.com.

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