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Company Owes Victoria's Secret $120,000 in Domain Dispute

A company that selected four domain names similar to Victoria's Secret must pay $120,000 in damages to the lingerie company as a result of a decision this week by U.S. District Judge James Lawrence King in Miami.

The company, Victoria's Cyber Secret, said the names were to be used for adult-entertainment sites featuring Playboy playmate Victoria Silvstedt. The company has not used the domain names online. Also, Silvstedt said Victoria's Cyber Secret did not have her permission to use her likeness or name and that she has no plans for future business with the entity.

Victoria's Cyber Secret did not comply with a decision in March by an Internet arbitration forum that ruled the company should transfer the names to Victoria's Secret.

King ordered that the names be transferred and that Victoria's Secret be reimbursed for attorney fees.

Victoria's Cyber Secret had registered these names: Victoriassexsecret.com, victoriassexysecret.com, victoriasexsecret.com and victoriasexysecret.com

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