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Compact Connection Blends Call Center With Web Site

Compact Connection Inc. is installing new computer telephony technology that will allow call center staff to guide customers as they shop for compact discs on its Web site.

“Part of what we are doing is coordinating our call center with the Internet to make it as seamless as possible for people who want to use our Web site,” said Paul Henry, a spokesman for TeleServices International Group, St. Petersburg, FL, the parent company of Compact Connection.

The technology, to be provided by Cohesive Technology Solutions, Palo Alto, CA, will allow callers and call center staff to move from page to page simultaneously during the course of a call. Cohesive Technology Solutions is also redesigning Compact Connection's Web site. The new site, including the CTI technology, will be live by the end of February. Henry said there would be a test period, but he was not sure when it would begin, or for how long it would last.

The technology is expected to be used by customers who have questions about a product or the site. It will also come into play for customers who shop at the Web site but prefer to give their credit card number over the telephone than the Web.

“Most people like to be able to talk to someone while they are deciding on a purchase, and that is especially true in e-commerce,” Henry said.

Cohesive will provide technical consulting services, including custom application development, database design, and strategic analysis. The redesigned Web site will be scaleable to make it easier for TSIG to manage its customer base, and Web sales will be able to be processed faster.

Calls to Compact Connection are answered from Compact Connection's call center and TSIG's own call center in St. Petersburg. TSIG has not yet determined how many work stations or agents at its St. Petersburg center will be dedicated to Compact Connection.

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