Communispace Is Now Simply C Space

Communispace, a pioneer in the formation of branded communities, today announced it would change its name to C Space. The new name will henceforth be applied to C Space’s Promise unit in Europe and Jigsaw business in China.

The change is as much about requantifying its business as it is uniting its global units, according to CEO Charles Trevail, the founder of Promise. “This is more of a repositioning story,” Trevail said. “What we’ve been doing over the last three years is more than just fast feedback from consumers. We’ve been delivering business solutions in the area of CX design, brand consulting, and innovation.”

No branding consultant was brought in to develop the new brand. Most U.S. customers had already been calling it C Space for short, relates Trevail. “We’re more like an agency than most people think,” he said. “The only difference is that we feel the consumer is the creative person.”

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