Commercial Letter offers direct marketing services with Snailworks

Commercial Letter, a marketing services provider, is now offering multichannel direct marketing services through direct marketing services platform Snailworks, says Brad Chrysler, president of Commercial Letter.

Snailworks will track direct mail for Commercial Letter using the Intelligent Mail program, in which each delivered piece of mail will trigger other methods of outbound communications such as email, text messaging and telemarketing, according to a release. 

Commercial Letter offered mailing services, printing services, and some direct marketing essentials prior to their work with Snailworks. Though Commercial Letter has offered the services that Snailworks provides, such as email and mobile marketing in the past, there was nothing previously to pull it all together, Chrysler says. 

“As we explored marketing, we needed a system to pull everything together and Snailworks does that. They were chosen because it served the purpose we needed it to, and because we have a previous relationship with the company that put together Snailworks,” Chrysler adds.

Chrysler believes that Snailworks will bring more power to Commercial Letter’s direct marketing outlet. He adds, “Our core has been direct marketing and printing, and now we want clients to bring in. We will allow email marketing in conjunction with direct mail campaigns with the help of Snailworks.”

“Within the next year we would like to see current customers adopt Snailworks and start utilizing its functionality and its power to improve their overall results,” Chrysler says. From Commercial Letter’s first promotion, 28 companies that are either active customers or prospects have expressed interest, Chrysler adds. Commercial Letter and Snailworks have begun work together and have just launched a campaign within the last two months. 

“Our primary focus is to roll out first to clients and then continue to companies,” Chrysler adds. 

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