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Comcast and Return Path to offer e-mail feedback loops

Comcast has teamed up with Return Path to offer a new complaint feedback loop for e-mail senders.

Now, mailers who send to Comcast users can use the new feedback loop to see if recipients are reporting their messages as spam.

These complaint feedback loops let administrators receive copies of complaints originating about their e-mails.

“This data can also be extremely useful for improving their mailing and address acquisition practices, in order to avoid receiving similar complaints from other recipients in the future,” said Alex Rubin, VP, business development at Return Path, in a blog post. “For an ISP or ESP, it means locking down any offensive customer who has been sending objectionable e-mail from their network.”

AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo also offer feedback loops to bulk mailers. Return Path also hosts feedback loops for USA.net and Mailtrust and is in the process of setting up more partnerships.

“Senders get data that helps them lower their complaint rates, improve their deliverability,” continued Rubin. “E-mail users win by eventually getting less spam.”

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