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Upgrade your year/Single consumer

Client: ASB

ASB wanted to reach students at their college orientation with information about its Tertiary Banking package. It tasked TBWAWHYBINTEQUILA New Zealand with cutting through the clutter of marketing messages from a number of different businesses blanketing college campuses. The solution? A $10,000 sweepstakes promoted with toilet paper, noodle and bean packages containing information about the banking product. These weren’t cheap giveaways, though: Unlike the bargain-bin brands students usually choose, these had gourmet-style brand names like Heaven’s Throne 487 ply toilet roll, Noodles of Distinction and Gourmet Beans. Eleven thousand students signed up with the bank. Among them were 10 winners of the grand prize.

Amy Thexton
Jessica Neale
Michael Goldthorpe
Tamryn Kerr
Ron Fielding
Tracey Fox
Guy Roberts


Special Olympics poster campaign/Nonprofit campaign

Agency: BBDO, New York
Client: Special Olympics

Organizers of the Special Olympics wanted to reduce colloquial use of the words “retard” and “retarded” in the US. It tasked BBDO New York with creating a campaign to drive people to a Web site on which they could pledge not to use the injurious terms. Rather than use the photographic style of most PSAs, BBDO used a simple layout to draw a parallel between these “R” words and other offensive terms. The posters drove 40,000 pledges on the Special Olympics’ site.

Chief Creative Officers
David Lubars, Bill Bruce

Creative Director/Art Director
James Clunie

Creative Director/Copywriter
Pierre Lipton

Wind power/Consumer campaign

Agency: Euro RSCG, Australia
Client: Integral Energy

As strange as it sounds to those of us stateside, January 26 is actually a very hot day — in Australia. It is Australia Day, and Euro RSCG client Integral Energy wanted to promote its wind power offering to the young, suburban families attending a celebration at Parramatta Park near Sydney. A flyer folded into a simple, hand-assembled paper fan was promoted by event organizers as a “free, zero-emission air conditioning unit.” The piece showed homeowners that they could switch to wind power to stay cool, relieving both their wallets and their environment.

Executive Creative Director
Rowan Dean

Creative Director, Direct
Peter Maniaty

Peter Maniaty

Art Directors
Nigel Lovesy, Brett Gosper



Die burger coffee wraps
Draftfcb, Cape Town

Die Burger

Show the Love
Van Schaik

Draftfcb, Cape Town
CD: Glynn Venter

IBM government 2020 campaign
Ogilvy & Mather, New York


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