Coldwater Creek Delivers New Rental Names

Coldwater Creek, Sandpoint, ID, has released four new list rental files based on its four specialty catalogs.

The lists are managed by Mokrynski & Associates Inc., which also handles Coldwater Creek's four other list rental files.

The release coincided with the start of a new fiscal year and the mailing of a new book.

Coldwater Creek Sale carries discounted merchandise from all of the Coldwater Creek properties and has a 12-month file size of 250,000 names. Gifts to Go by Coldwater Creek, a holiday gift catalog for last-minute shoppers, has 69,000 buyers. Both of these catalogs have been mailing for a few years, but the names had not been previously released to the market.

Natural Elements by Coldwater Creek, a book of casual women's apparel made from natural fibers, dropped for the first time in February and again in March. It has 32,000 three-month hotline names. Wishes Rare and Beautiful by Coldwater Creek, a jewelry and accessory catalog, mailed its first drop in November. There are 15,000 names in this file.

As with all Coldwater Creek files, there are many selections available on the new lists. They include gender, dollar, dollar type, credit card and geographic selects. Recency, product, size and enhanced demographic and lifestyle selects also are available on most of the files.

Although Gifts to Go and Wishes Rare and Beautiful mail only once a year during the holiday season, the files are updated and cleaned monthly with all the other files. Sale and Natural Elements mail more frequently throughout the year.

Coldwater Creek customers mostly are female professionals and range in age from 35 to 55. They have household incomes of more than $50,000, and average orders are as much as $220. Specific files differ slightly in demographics.

Apparel, home decor and personal care mailers are testing the files. They also are recommended for gift, accessory, gardening, publication and fundraising offers.

Tony Troiano, sales executive at Mokrynski, Hackensack, NJ, and list manager of the Coldwater Creek files, said, “I really recommend these files to all types of mailers. Even the Sale buyers are all existing full-price shoppers of Coldwater Creek catalogs.” The wide range of selection options allows mailers to zero in on their target audiences, he said.

The four new files join Coldwater Creek Northcountry, Spirit of the West by Coldwater Creek and Coldwater Creek Home to make up the Coldwater Creek master file. The specialty books were created as a way “to complete their customers' closets,” Troiano said.

Coldwater Creek Northcountry, with its 1.5 million 12-month buyers, is the core catalog and has been mailing since 1985. It features casual apparel, jewelry, artwork and gift items. Spirit of the West came along in 1993 targeting an upscale audience of women with apparel and accessories. It has more than 400,000 12-month buyers. Home started out in 1997 as Bed & Bath by Coldwater Creek. The focus has since been shifted to home decor items, prompting the name change. This file has 73,000 12-month buyers. The master file allows mailers to take selects across titles, which boosts the counts.

Detailed recommendations, counts, data cards and usage are available through Mokrynski. All orders are run inhouse at Coldwater Creek.

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