Coca-Cola’s Journey website launches its own blogger contributor network

Coca-Cola continues to transform its corporate website into a full fledged media publication, and now it is launching an invite-only network of bloggers to share their content on it.

In a new section called “The Opener,” Coca-Cola’s Journey website will now host content from popular bloggers, photographers and other creative publishers. The content will focus on three categories for now, namely food, culture and innovation. The initiative works sort of like LinkedIn’s Influencer program, but instead of getting big names to contribute to their platform, Coca-Cola says it is trying to unearth new talent and give them access to its resources.

“LinkedIn recruits influencers to provide content for LinkedIn,” says Ashley Brown, Coca-Cola’s head of digital communications and social media. “We’ve designed Opener to be a two way street, giving bloggers the ‘Coca-Cola’ megaphone so they can grow their blogs.”

Coca-Cola hired an agency to identify and recruit bloggers from around the net, and currently have almost 20 lined up, with a goal of adding several hundred to the roster. Blogs currently featured in The Opener include the Southern cooking blog ‘For The Love of The South,’ and cooking/photography blog “Adventures in Cooking.”

Brown says that in addition to getting exposure through the Journey website, bloggers will get access to other Coca-Cola resources, such as the design team, exclusive interviews with Coke celebrities, or travel to Coca-Cola events.

With nearly 13.5 million site visitors since it launched a year ago, the Journey website is a content juggernaut. To date it has generated some 71,000 pieces of content and is available in five different languages, including English, French, German, Arabic and Japanese.

“It’s all part of bringing emotionally connected stories to deepen the love our consumers have for our product,” says Brown. “And Journey is an amazing tool to do that.”

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