Coca-Cola’s Fanta introduces mobile games in Europe

Coca-Cola Europe is debuting two new branded mobile phone applica­tions across Europe for the Fanta brand, to target a younger demographic.

The effort comes out of Fanta’s col­laboration with New York-based mobile marketing firm The Hyperfactory and ad agency Ogilvy London. The cam­paign is centered around two 3-D mobile gaming applications, the Fanta Virtual Tennis and the Fanta Stealth Sound Sys­tem, both of which are coming out early next year across Europe at a new mobile site called

“Fanta’s brand positioning is about focusing on moments of enjoyment throughout your day, and the mobile phones are with you from when you wake up until you go to bed, ”said Jeff Arbour, SVP of North America for The Hyperfactory. “We thought [that] a light easy game that represented the brand’s identity and personality” would work.

The Fanta Virtual Tennis game lets customers experience a recreated tennis court in 3-D, via their mobile phone. The device is both the setting and the tennis racquet, with which the player interacts. Like a real-life professional tennis event, the tennis game is sponsored by Fanta, whose logo appears within the game.

The Stealth Sound System game lets teens talk to their friends in secret. The application uses high-pitched frequen­cies that are supposedly only audible to young people. That’s based on the idea that people under 20 can hear higher-pitched frequencies. The frequencies have prerecorded sounds such as wolf-whistles, warnings and “pssts,” along with tags representing traditional words and phrases – “cool,” “uncool” and “let’s get out of here.”

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