launches luxury channel has created a new luxury channel for its business savvy audience. The section at includes extended photo galleries and videos featuring content of the luxury lifestyle.

A daily promotional spot pointing to the channel is fixed on the main page, along with increased exposure for weekend promotions.

Content over the next few weeks will feature Honeymoon Hotspots and homes from the wealthiest ZIP codes in the United States.

The Time Inc. published site saw 22,000 video streams from its $8 million car story on the Maybach Excelero. The private life of millionaires resulted in 38,000 video streams.

Editorial content currently featured on the luxury channel includes pieces by Lex Haris, who oversees several areas of; Sue Zesiger Callaway, who has 20 years of experience writing about cars, racing and the automotive industry; Lee Clifford, Business Life Editor for Fortune Magazine; and Penelope Patsuris.

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