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CMOs Scream for Multichannel Marketing [Infographic]

Consumers have a sweet tooth for multichannel media. According to a September 2014 report by Percolate, Americans consumed about 11 hours of electronic media every day in Q4 2013. Indeed, they spent more than five hours watching live TV, nearly three hours listening to radio, and more than an hour engaging with their smartphones. 

Clearly, multichannel experiences have to be more than just the cherry on top of a CMO’s strategy; they have to be sprinkled throughout the entire customer journey. This includes offering multichannel content and engagement opportunities at each stage of the purchase cycle. After all, 42% of brand research and 23% of purchases happen via smartphones and tablets in the retail category, according to the report. So, not being present at every potential touchpoint would be a major brain freeze.

Fortunately, many CMOs don’t have icy attitudes toward multichannel marketing. In fact, 62% of CMOs consider their multichannel content experiences effective, according to the report, and 57% prioritize their multichannel customer experiences. And those who do execute across several channels scoop up major results. Consider the following: 71% of CMOs at high-growth companies say they provide consistent customer experiences across all channels, versus 41% of CMOs at low-growth companies.

With 2015 nearly halfway over, do you think Percolate’s findings still ring true today? Share your thoughts in the comments section below or via social media.

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