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CMOs on the Move: July 23, 2013

Who it is: Paula Gignac, appointed Global CMO of The Exchange Lab, a marketing intelligence and media trading company

What’s her role: Gignac will be responsible for defining and leading the company’s global marketing objectives and strategies.

Where was she prior: Previously, Gignac was VP of Rogers Women’s Group Of Websites, working with clients such as AirMiles, GlaxoSmithKline, and Ford.

Why was she appointed: “Paula’s strengths and personal brand mirrors so much of what The Exchange Lab does and stands for, we think it’s a really amazing fit,” says James Aitken, CEO of The Exchange Lab. “She’s also highly-respected for baking problem-solving and innovative solutions into all of the businesses she builds, which echoes what the team does here.”


Who it is: Michael Gerard, appointed CMO of Curata Inc., a content curation software company

What’s his role: Gerard will be responsible for all aspects of Curata’s marketing strategy, including awareness building, demand generation, and sales enablement.  

Where was he prior: Prior to joining Curata, Gerard was cofounder of IDC’s CMO and Sales Advisory Practices. Gerard has also held senior marketing and sales roles for companies such as Kenan Systems, Prospero, and Millipore.  

Why was he appointed: “Michael is joining Curata at a time of rapid growth,” said Pawan Deshpande, CEO of Curata.  “In addition to Michael’s significant start-up experience, he has contributed to the success of many of the world’s largest technology organizations. We are excited to include him as part of our executive team.”  


Who it is: Mark Weslar, hired as CMO of Gizmo Beverages

What’s his role: Weslar will be responsible for all of the company’s marketing initiatives.  

Where was he prior: Previously, Weslar held marketing positions at MillerCoors, Coors Brewing Company, Kraft Foods, and Nabisco.

What he’s saying: “We need great leaders to help tell the story and get the brand in the hands of thousands of consumers every day,” said Walter Apodaca, president and cofounder. “I couldn’t think of two better partners to help lead this effort and deliver our unique message than [SVP of Sales] Brad Foster and Mark Weslar.  Together they will drive unparalleled growth for Gizmo Beverages.  They both bring proven track records of building brands through highly effective consumer marketing and retail solutions.”  

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