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CMOs Can’t Go It Alone

Kimberly-Clark marketing tech chief Mayur Gupta (r.) with Al Urbanski of Direct Marketing News.

Tweeted photo courtesy of ion interactive’s Scott Brinker, @chiefmartec

“CMOs can’t go it alone. They need to partner to succeed.”

Mayur Gupta was referring to the partnership CMOs should have with their CIOs, as well as other key constituents, to deliver an outstanding customer experience when he made that assertion during the opening keynote of DMN’s 2015 Marketing&Tech Innovation Summit. Considering his role—global head, marketing technology and innovation, at Kimberly-Clark—Gupta should know. He added that collaboration is just the beginning; marketers need to become technologists (to an extent) and vice versa if they’re to successfully help their company meet customers’ ever-increasing expectations.

That sentiment had attendees atwitter, as did Gupta’s insight on the roles that data and technology should play in marketing.

Gupta wasn’t the only presenter causing a stir among attendees. With advice, declarations, and revelations flowing from a cast of marketing leaders, #mtis15 was buzzing. Here, just a few of the many tweets that caught my attention:

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