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C’mon, Touch Me

Live chat specialist TouchCommerce is introducing a solution called TouchMedia that the company says will end an interactivity problem for consumers and an attribution problem for marketers.

TouchMedia is specifically designed to equip the substantial amounts of offline media used by brands with easy ways for consumers to interact with those brands. On TV, radio, direct mail, or even billboards, a keyword or QR code or Shazam-like audio identification is provided to let people instantly engage in live chats to pose questions or place orders.

“You’re looking at an ad for a new car on TV or on your tablet and you send a text and are automatically put in touch with a live agent that knows everything about the product,” says Yann Motte, SVP of strategy and business development at TouchCommerce. “In the consumer world, it’s all about simplicity: Text the keyword, click the link.”

Equally important, stresses Motte, is the reporting capabilities provided to marketers. “Attribution is always a problem. We can work with our clients on what types of keywords to use and how to spread them across segments,” he says. “You can have a much more targeted message and chat agents can be automated and have the ability to push content, video, coupons, or nearby store locations.”

In a press release, TouchCommerce said the introduction of TouchMedia was a response to a pressing need for more cross-device solutions in an omnichannel world.

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