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CMO Council promotes mobile marketing with partner organizations

The CMO Council has partnered with social and mobile marketing firm Planet Oi to promote the power of connecting with customers through their mobile phones.

The 10-month effort, dubbed “Engage at Every Stage: Using Mobile Relationship Marketing (MRM) to Put More Interaction in the Hands of the Customer,” will provide case studies, research and best practices to marketers to demonstrate the benefits of going mobile. The CMO Council’s goal is to show how mobile platforms can be more effective in driving customer behavior than current alternatives.

“It’s an actionable medium, and once you get a message, you can immediately act on it by redeeming a coupon, forwarding a number or calling someone else,” says Donovan Neale-May, executive director of the CMO Council. He points to the potential of nascent technology like “smart barcodes” and augmented reality as evidence the field will continue to grow. “It’s versatile, adaptable and triggers action,” he said.

The CMO Council has also partnered with the Mobile Marketing Association, Clickatell (a bulk SMS platform), PlaceCast (which does location-based advertising through smartphones) and LoyaltyLeaders.org. With the initiative just kicking off, Neale-May emphasized that the organizations will continue to look for other partners to promote mobile marketing.

“We’re inviting all marketing solutions developers to reach out to us, particularly if they’ve got innovative ideas,” he says.

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