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Club Monaco “fashionably late” to e-commerce

Club Monaco, a subsidiary of Ralph Lauren, will be launching its U.S. e-commerce website, ClubMonaco.com, Mar. 26, said Simone Delfino, Club Monaco director of PR and events, in a statement.

When asked why Club Monaco didn’t yet have a retail website, Ann Watson, VP of marketing and communications for the company, said in an email: “We like to think of ourselves as fashionably late. We were not in a rush for launch and really wanted to take our time to ensure it was done well.”

Watson said the website will give customers who don’t live near Club Monaco stores easy access to products.  “The site will also be our platform to convey our brand’s point of view and positioning in the marketplace,” Watson said in an email. “It is very much an extension of our store experience.”

The site, Watson said, will offer all products available in Club Monaco stores as well as a selection of Web-exclusive items for men and women. Watson did not specify which products would be online-only exclusives, but did say that exclusives would be seasonal items.

As part of its online marketing strategy, Club Monaco will allow its Facebook fans to access the shop three days early on March 23 and through the following weekend, Delfino said in a statement. Other social offers, Watson added in an email, will “evolve over the next 6-8 months and beyond.”

“E-commerce will allow us to cater to our digitally savvy consumer who has a growing appetite to shop at their leisure,” Watson said.

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