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Club BK by Design Kitchen

Burger King had a loyalty program in which kids could register their birthday online and get a free meal once a year, which included a toy. Moms were also sent direct mail coupons once a month. DesignKitchen consolidated all elements of the effort into one ongoing campaign, called Club BK.

“We came in with idea to unite all three components – communications with moms, birthday free meal for kids, and the gaming component – into a multiplayer universe for kids,” says Eric Ravenstein, associate creative director at Design Kitchen.

Club BK is an educational and entertainment platform for kids. Each child can set up an avatar in Club BK, and they are taught the benefits of nutritional meals through interaction with a cartoon spaceship that benefits from being fed healthier foods. Kids are also challenged with games and puzzles, while moms get a monthly report from Club BK showing which pages their child has visited.

By incorporating toys such as received with kid’s meals into the world, the Club is a means of extending the experience beyond just the Burger King brand, and is a way for kids to engage with Burger King partners on a broader level.

“We installed code-redemption system on toys, so when child gets the code from a Burger King toy, they can go online and put that code in for crowns – the online world’s currency – and then choose things to decorate their avatars,” Ravenstein says. 

Seth Mindel – Account Director
Charles Chung – Senior Project Manager
Scott Yanzy – Executive Creative Director
Eric Ravenstein – Associate Creative Director
Greg Calvert – Designer
Darren Redel – Director of Multimedia
Amanda Haschke – UX Lead

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