Clinton Campaign Monetizes ‘Trump Troll’ Tool

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has officially launched Troll Trump, a new tool that will send donations to the Democratic nominee.

Troll Trump will allow supporters who sign up to automatically donate 50 cents, $1, $3, $5, $10 or other amounts every time the Republican presidential nominee tweets. (Considering Trump has sent over 25,000 tweets since joining Twitter in 2009, the tool could provide a wealth of donations).

“Show Donald that his unhinged rhetoric comes at a cost, said the Clinton campaign’s website. “Sign up to donate to Hillary’s campaign every time Donald tweets!”

Troll Trump’s page will populates a new Trump tweet each time the site is refreshed, providing users with a real-time sampling of the candidate’s social media style.

The signup also comes with a pledge:

“Hey Donald,

I pledge to donate ____ to Hillary’s campaign every time you tweet because I’m sick and tired of your hateful comments about the American people.

Happy tweeting!”

The Trump Tool concept was apparently inspired by Matt Bellassai, a former BuzzFeed editor, who threatened in tweet to donate to the Clinton campaign every time Trump tweets.

“@MattBellassai thank you for the idea, we actually built this as a result,” tweeted  Teddy Goff, a digital strategist with the Clinton campaign.

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