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ClientLogic Wins Walter Drake Insert Media Programs

ClientLogic Specialists Marketing Services, Weehawken, NJ, announced its appointment yesterday as manager of the Walter Drake insert media programs effective immediately.

The Walter Drake company publishes the Walter Drake catalog of general merchandise such as home and personal-care products, organizers, gifts, collectibles and stationery as well as the Home Marketplace catalog of home and kitchen merchandise.

The Walter Drake catalog is 80 percent female, has an average age of 55+, an average household income of $42,000 and an average unit of sale of $37. Home Marketplace is 85 percent female, has an average age of 50+ and an average household income of $53,000.

The Walter Drake Package Insert Program consists of 2.1 million annual packages and has a base price of $60/M. Walter Drake Blow-in Program offers 41 million annual blow-ins and costs $30/M. Walter Drake Premium PIP has 400,000 annual packages that allow only two inserts per package, and its base price is $60/M.

Home Marketplace Package Insert Program has 360,000 annual packages and costs $60/M. Home Marketplace Blow-in Program offers 15 million blow-ins annually and has a price of $30/M.

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