ClientLogic Plans Targeted Co-Op Aimed at Young Families

ClientLogic's SpeciaLists marketing services division, Weehawken, NJ, last week said it will market a new targeted co-op aimed at young families this fall.

The co-op mailing, called The Naviant High-Tech Young Families Co-Op, is sponsored by Naviant. The mailer will distribute a new CD-ROM product Naviant is developing for families with young children.

It will also promote the SpeciaLists Young Families Web Directory, a four-page booklet containing ads for Internet businesses that sell products and services for young families. In conjunction with the booklet, the company has a Web site,, that offers links to advertiser sites. The Web address is advertised in the co-op booklet.

The Web directory is advertised in newspapers and other co-op programs throughout the country, but it will be heavily promoted in the Naviant co-op in an effort to increase the traffic and revenue of participants' Web sites.

Currently, The Children's Place,,, and One Step Ahead — all members of the directory — have signed up for the Naviant program. They will offer coupons and preprinted advertiser inserts in the co-op. Some of these companies offer products that are geared toward children, such as games, toys and videos. But others offer products and services aimed at adults, such as financial, health and fitness information.

The SpeciaLists will target the co-op to households gleaned from Naviant's High-Tech Household File. The SpeciaLists is the exclusive list manager for Naviant's High-Tech Young Families Co-Op, which includes the names, addresses and other demographic information of more than 20 million Web-enabled households. The co-op's source is primarily from electronic registration data collected from millions of consumers who register technology products for major computer hardware, software, peripheral and modem manufacturers each month. It is the largest and most comprehensive resource of Internet-enabled households, providing direct marketers with a way to reach nearly half of all online households.

“The [co-op] directory will be vertically targeted to a young family audience, but one in which our advertisers are guaranteed that they have 100 percent bona fide, qualified, targeted prospects because we are guaranteeing that every one of the households we reach are Web-enabled,” said Judd Bergenfeld, client manager officer.

Naviant augments electronic registration data with demographic and lifestyle information from other industry data sources. This list of online households offers a new dimension in direct response marketing: household targeting in terms of traditional targets combined with high-tech behaviors. The co-op now offers even more unique selection criteria, such as Hispanic surnames and home-based businesses. These types of selection criteria allow Naviant customers to target their prospects more precisely.

For the mailing, the SpeciaLists selected households from the co-op that had 2 1/2 children under age 6, an average household income of $39,000 and a median age of 32. The mailing will be sent to all 4 million households, but the first mailing will be sent to 1 million households.

The SpeciaLists also will sell advertising space in the mailing to additional dot-com companies to offset the cost of the envelope mailing. The company has a limit of 14 to 16 companies advertising per mailing.

“The package is focused on the parents,” Judd said. “The products are aimed at young children who are not even reading yet, so it wouldn't be addressed to them.”

The outer package will also carry Naviant's logo, teaser copy and a message from another advertiser, — a well-known e-commerce shopping mall with almost 100 nationally branded stores — which is offering a $5,000 free online shopping spree. The outer package also may carry logos of some of the nationally branded advertisers as well.

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