Click-N-Ship Is No Help With Filing Tax Returns

I read this piece (“Click-N-Ship Service Gets National Push,” March 22) with great interest because I received this mailer, loathe lines and had completed my taxes. On the surface it sounds great, but it is misleading.

First, the mailer does not mention it is only Priority Mail as opposed to First Class. The unstated implication is that you can print any postage for any type of package. Granted, part of the advantage of this service is that in ordering Priority Mail, it is even easier to track for delivery confirmation (it’s automatic). Sounds perfect for the IRS, no?

I found it ironic that when I tried to purchase postage for mailing my tax returns, the USPS did not recognize the non-conventional (their convention, I should add) addresses associated with tax agencies. Your article states this “effort begins in advance of the last few weeks of tax season.” Sorry, folks, the ad and the article are misleading, and you should be prepared to wait with everyone else on April 15.

Andrew Coyne, Controller, IS American Management Association

[email protected]

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