Click Tactics launches New Mover program

Click Tactics Inc. has launched a New Mover program designed to help national and regional businesses more effectively connect with the more than 40 million homeowners and renters who move each year.

Waltham, MA-based Click Tactics is a multichannel marketing services provider of programs and technology that deliver more timely and relevant customer communications. Its New Mover program offers companies a way to communicate individualized messages to specific customers in a timely manner. With the average household spending $9,000 within the first three months of a move, timely and relevant communications is a must-have.

“Most new homeowners are primed to make purchases – from furniture to new appliances to cable TV. The question is not what will they buy, but rather who will they buy it from?” said Andrew Frawley, CEO of Click Tactics. “Being first in the home is critical for businesses. Click Tactics’ New Mover program is designed to get companies in the door first and help them close the sale with targeted, relevant and timely marketing campaigns. Our customers can see up to a three times increase in sales by deploying our strategies.”

In the past, new mover programs have typically been constrained to operate on a monthly basis, with customers receiving direct mail pieces up to eight weeks after a move, Mr. Frawley said. Because companies have been limited to the same static message with little to no customization or personalization their marketing programs have failed to deliver results. Mr. Frawley said Click Tactics’ customized approach breaks that mold and lowers cost per acquisition.

Click Tactics’ New Mover program uses data sources that provide timely and accurate information that is processed daily, enabling companies to be first in the home. This allows marketers to create a series of three messages in three weeks, if desired, enabling companies to deliver multiple messages before the competition delivers even one. Since no new home owner is the same , Click Tactics’ approach enables businesses to tailor each message to a customer’s specific needs based on who the customer is, which geographic location is closest, etc. Click Tactics’ New Mover campaigns also can be quickly and easily measured, giving marketers the opportunity to evaluate multiple tactics and adjust their strategies in real time.

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