Clash-Media launches digital marketing service for schools

Marketing lead generation firm Clash-Media has launched to help educational institutions promote their courses and attract students. The Web site allows prospective students to browse universities by program of interest, degree of interest or by ZIP code.


“Higher education is a growing vertical,” said Chris Petix, president of USA operations at Clash-Media. “A lot of our advertisers needed a portal to aggregate better quality leads.”


The site tracks the courses and schools users are interested in and prompts them to submit their personal data, which Clash-Media verifies and passes on to the school. “It’s great for advertisers because the leads are obviously a lot more legit,” Petix said. “They’re much more likely to sign up for a program.” At present the site features around 30 universities, most of which feature online degree programs.


To promote the site Clash-Media is currently using banner ads on pertinent educational Web sites as well as e-mail marketing and search advertising.

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