Claritas Offers Canadian Segmentation System

Claritas Inc. has released PRIZM CE — a Canadian consumer segmentation system linked to PRIZM NE, the U.S.-based system developed by Claritas and introduced nationally last September, the San Diego company said yesterday.

PRIZM CE results from Claritas' partnership with Environics Analytics Group Inc., Toronto, a marketing services company that specializes in geodemographics-based segmentation. Claritas serves as the exclusive U.S. distributor of PRIZM CE, which lets clients from the United States and Canada target products and services to customers anywhere in North America.

Like PRIZM NE, PRIZM CE consists of 66 lifestyle types that classify consumers with names that reflect the population where they live. PRIZM CE names include “Cosmopolitan Elite,” “Electric Avenues” and “Lunch at Tim's.” Sixteen segments in both systems share the same name and similar demographic profiles, such as “Money & Brains,” “Young Digerati” and “Big Sky Families.”

The system features 15 distinct segments of French-speaking Canadians who live mainly in Quebec. They include “Les Chics,” “Mini Van & Vin Rouge” and “Quebec Rustics.” Their product preferences are often unlike those of their English-speaking neighbors.

PRIZM CE also captures Canada's high concentration of foreign born. More than 18 percent of its residents were born outside the country, making Canada second only to Australia with the highest proportion of immigrants in the world. There are 11 ethnic segments — three of which are dominated by Asian immigrants, one by Italians and the others consist of concentrations of Jewish, South Asian and European immigrants.

Environics Analytics tapped several data resources to create and describe the PRIZM CE segments, including Statistics Canada for census data, the Print Measurement Bureau and Bureau of Broadcast Measurement for media behavior and product preferences and social values data from its sister company, Environics Research. Also, clients can select PRIZM CE-coded names from InfoCanada's list of 12 million households for direct marketing programs.

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