Clarifying NCOA Processing

I’ve found the columns by Robert McKim to be useful — and his most recent one makes a strong case for using USPS-licensed address hygiene to build a firm address foundation for your database. It does, however, contain inaccuracies about NCOA that need to be corrected.

The NCOA database contains moves for 36 months and is updated weekly, dropping the oldest week and adding the most current changes to the database. The source of this data is from the mover (business or consumer) who notifies the USPS using either PS Form 3575 or “Movernet.”

As part of the NCOA process, licensees are required to standardize the original input address as well as supply a standardized “new” address when one is provided. In addition, the mailer will have his file coded with a National Deliverability Index that helps determine the accuracy of the file.

There are many more benefits to be derived from NCOA and other USPS-licensed products (DSF and LACS). I suggest that readers who want to know more go to the USPS’ Web site,, or to ours,

Joe Balaban, Vice president, business development, Anchor Computer, Farmingdale, NY,

[email protected]

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