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Clarifications to the co-palletization article

I would like to take this opportunity to respond to the article “Postal Logistics is the first to earn USPS OK to co-palletize” (DM News, July 25).

It is true that Postal Logistics is the first company to earn USPS OK to co-palletize standard mail letter size trays, but there are a few points that could benefit from some clarification of facts.

The type of co-palletizations PLS is performing is taking trays from multiple mailers and consolidating them onto pallets to enter into destination receiving SCF facilities. They are not moving mail from sacks to pallets. The type of co-palletization that takes physical bundles of mail from multiple mailers eliminating the need for sacking is performed on flat mailings, not tray mailings.

Fairrington Transportation has successfully been offering co-palletization service on Periodical class flat mailings since February 2005. To the relief of the United States Postal Service Fairrington has removed more than three million sacks from the mail stream generating millions of dollars of savings to the USPS and also to both the mail preparers and mail owners.

A second note of correction – co-palletization is not taking mailings that have already been presorted onto pallets. Co-pal is taking pre-addressed and pre-bundled, or trayed mail and consolidating onto pallets; if the mailing arrived on presorted pallets co-palletization would serve no purpose.

Fairrington co-palletizes several hundred titles of Periodical flat mailings that are received from multiple mailers.

Fairrington Transportation has also received USPS approval to co-palletize Standard Mail letter size trays, we will be offering this as a value added service to our clients by late August or early September.

Deborah Damore

Project Manager

Fairrington Transportation

[email protected]

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