Cingular Casts Wide Web for 'Spider-Man' Campaign

Cingular Wireless will send more than 700,000 direct mail pieces over the next two weeks as it revs up a customer acquisition campaign tied to the release of Comlumbia Pictures' “Spider-Man” May 3.

Jamie Sims, director of national promotions at Cingular Wireless, Atlanta, said the target audience for the movie — people ages 18 to 45 — fits well with Cingular's target demographic.

“This is a good fit for us,” he said. “Because younger people are going to be very anxious to see this movie and interested in Spider-Man-related materials as will an older generation who grew up with Spider-Man.”

The goals of the campaign are to raise brand awareness, generate new customers and create offers for existing customers. The focus is on a number of new calling plans that eliminate paying for long distance and roaming, as well as providing Web access to wireless users.

Sims would not discuss lists Cingular used in the mailing, but he said all paid or are paying long-distance charges with either their wireless phones or landlines.

The cover of the self-mailer has Spider-Man directly underneath the Cingular logo. Between them is the headline: What do you get when you cross wireless service with Spidey Sense?

Inside, the piece outlines the different plans available. The piece is personalized with the addressee's name, and also lists three stores nearest the recipient that he can visit to find out more about Cingular's products. A Web address and a toll-free number also are provided.

Other offers included in the piece are for the Ericsson T60 phone, which comes with Web access, a Spider-Man face-plate for the phone, and an “exclusive Spider-Man accessory bundle” costing $35 and includes a vehicle power charger and a hands-free ear piece.

An ad for the movie is on the bottom of the piece.

“Anything related to Spider-Man right now is going to be really attractive to consumers,” Sims said. “It's a good way to draw them in, look at our offer and hopefully they will like what they see and take advantage of it.”

E-mails will go out later this month to another group of 700,000 prospects. Sims said there will not be much crossover, if any, between the direct mail and e-mail efforts. He said the e-mail will be very similar to the direct mail piece in messaging and imagery.

Cingular is also running a print campaign and television ads from early April until a few weeks after the movie hits theaters.

Sims would not divulge the cost of the campaign but described it by saying, “as the second largest wireless provider in the country, the cost of this campaign is right in line with what we should be spending on a campaign of this size.”

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